Using Acquired Brain Injury Rehabilitation Services to Help Move Forward

Following a serious injury that results in some form of damage to the brain, it can feel as though there is a frustrating disconnect between what you want to do and how your body responds. Unfortunately the disruption to the brain and body does not just end there. You can also develop: 

  • Weakness and poor balance 

  • Fatigue - mentally and physically

  • Seizures or fits

  • Headaches

  • Spasticity and muscle stiffness 

  • Compensatory strategies

Physical therapy and rehabilitation are excellent tools used to address these concerns and promote overall health and wellbeing. While every individual is different, there is clear evidence demonstrating the effectiveness of physical rehabilitation following an acquired brain injury.

What You Can Expect from Enable Exercise's Acquired Brain Injury Rehabilitation

Bringing any kind of care provider into your life requires a certain level of trust. We understand that, and it is why we go to great lengths to provide not only a comfortable environment for rehabilitation but also a highly tailored experience.


You can also expect:

  • A comfortable and supportive environment 

  • A highly professional team that will work with you to address your needs and desired goals. 

  • Therapy plan that works at your pace and encouragement to keep you going 

  • A fresh approach and attitude towards the intersection of exercise and rehabilitation

The Benefits of Acquired Brain Injury Rehabilitation Services

We aim to help each of our clients realise the goals they set for their care. With that in mind, what are some of the advantages of turning to our team for your rehabilitation journey?


  • Work with a professional therapist to regain lost capabilities or to strengthen areas of the body weakened as a result of the injury. Based on individual assessments, we target our therapies to match what may help your body.

  • Request home visits as needed to suit your schedule or ability to get to and from our location if required.

  • Have access to a resource for answering your questions and addressing any concerns you may have during the rehabilitation process.