Finding a Cerebral Palsy Exercise Program That Works For You


For individuals living with cerebral palsy, an exercise program is not usually a part of normal life — but there are good reasons to consider adding one to your routine. Regular exercise can help: 

  • Promote health musculoskeletal growth and develop healthy joints

  • Reduce pain and spasticity 

  • Increase independence by strengthening weaknesses 

  • Improving cardiovascular fitness and promotes healthy lifestyle choices 


Our team can help you understand the mechanics behind how exercise can help people with cerebral palsy to strengthen areas of the body while developing functional abilities for improving everyday quality of life. Our young and passionate physiotherapists and Exercise physiologist  are ready to help make a plan that works for you.

Tips for Getting More Value Out of your Exercise for People with Cerebral Palsy 

Investing in this type of service is an important decision, and one that we agree should be made with care. Ensuring that our clients have a valuable experience with their exercises is important to our team.


Keep the following ideas in mind to make the most of our abilities:

  • Pursue your therapy in the environment most comfortable to you. We do our best work when you feel confident enough to share and engage with us. 

  • Don't be afraid to ask questions, and always strive to engage with your training. We're always ready with an answer, especially when you want to know more about why certain exercises are a good idea.

  • Ask about what you can do at home on your own time. Every day is an opportunity for improvement.

The Importance of Exercises for People with Cerebral Palsy


Keeping in mind that every case is unique, and individuals may see improvements in different areas, there are several reasons to consider making exercise a bigger part of your life.

They include:

  • The ability to maintain or improve flexibility, enabling a smoother and fuller range of motion.

  • Developing strength in weaker parts of the body to enable more prolonged periods of activity.

  • Accessing the overall health benefits of exercise, from better sleep to improved endurance. It's always a good idea to have more physical activity in your life.

At Enable Exercise, we want to enable even more than merely your ability to develop your body — we aim to help open doors for your future.