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Enable Exercise Offers Multiple Sclerosis Physiotherapy


Enable Exercise is determined to serve our community by helping those with mobility issues live the fullest and most independent life possible which is why we offer multiple sclerosis physiotherapy. MS is a progressive disease that results in damage to the nerves but physical therapy can help you manage the condition and minimise some of its symptoms. We cultivate a friendly and comfortable environment and offer after hours and Saturday appointments to make it easier for you.

The Best Advice You Can Hear Regarding MS Physiotherapy and Physical Therapy

Management of Multiple Sclerosis cannot prevent the disease from progressing, but therapy may help alleviate symptoms and help slow its progression. For some, MS can advance quickly, leading to severe symptoms with a rapid onset but for others, it is a slow progression with long inactive periods before relapses. Our physiotherapy can be of help in both cases, and here are a few of those ways in the different stages of the disease:

  • At your diagnosis, meeting with our team can give us an important baseline evaluation. Once we know what your body is capable of, we can use that as a comparison for future abilities. Devising a plan at diagnosis to help maintain your muscles and health can help to slow their decline.

  • When your symptoms flare and you have difficulties with everyday tasks, we can work with you to help regain some strength you might have lost. Helping you maintain your independence is key for us.

  • Progressive Multiple Sclerosis does not relapse but results in a gradual decline. Physiotherapy management can help to build your muscles and learn to live with and compensate for the physical symptoms you will experience.

What You Can Expect from Enable Exercise Regarding Physiotherapy Management of Multiple Sclerosis


We use exercise-based interventions to assist our clients in achieving their desired goals. For the physiotherapy management of those with MS, this includes overall strengthening and flexibility work and task specific training. Here are a few of the things you can expect from us:

  • All our staff are highly trained therapist and have a deep understanding of disabilities. Helping our clients live their best lives is our aim.

  • We’ve equipped our facility with specialised equipment designed to help people with mobility issues. Our experienced staff will help you use this equipment in the best ways to meet your needs.

  • We maintain a fun and vibrant environment. Your mental well-being and mood can have a powerful effect on how well the physical therapy works for you.



Why Customers Should Use Enable Exercise


Our experienced and professional staff love to help people; it is why we established Enable Exercise in the first place. When you come to us for physiotherapy management of multiple sclerosis, we will design a tailor-made program to deal with your priorities, intent on helping you maintain your independence and high quality of life. Contact us today to learn more about our physiotherapy for MS.


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