Physical Therapy

After Stroke

Choosing a Service Provider for Physical Therapy After a Stroke


It is hard to overstate the potential value of pursuing physical therapy after a stroke. The results of a stroke can vary widely from patient to patient, with some experiencing only mild symptoms, while others must contend with a more serious loss of mobility. However, in all but the most severe cases, these effects are not often wholly permanent. Instead, with careful physiotherapy and patience, stroke patients can strengthen weakened muscles and re-teach the body how to "go through the motions" again. The right approach has the potential to create important quality of life improvements for these patients. At Enable Exercise, we're excited for the opportunity to use our skills as physiotherapists and our passion for helping people to open new doors for those recovering from a stroke.

What You Can Expect from Enable Exercise's Physiotherapy for Stroke Patients

Professional support can be a vital asset during this challenging time for you or your loved one. At Enable Exercise, we hold ourselves to high standards to ensure our clients have the most valuable opportunities possible for developing improvements. When you enlist our assistance for improving physical function after a stroke, you can expect us to provide:

  • Exercise plans fine-tuned to your specific needs. We assess each patient individually and have a discussion with you about your goals for treatment. Together, we can formulate a plan that matches your body's abilities and needs.

  • Friendly, patient assistance through every session. We know physical therapy can sometimes be a source of frustration and even discouragement at times. By building our patients up in a positive environment, we can endure the valleys and reach the peaks together.

  • Access to specific equipment designed for stroke rehab and more. We've fully outfitted our premises with all the right tools to support your redeveloping body.

The Importance of Physical Therapy for Stroke Patients


Why invest in this service? There is clear evidence that physical rehab can be an essential part of the recovery process for stroke patients. Consider some of the reasons why physiotherapy receives so much consideration in these cases:

  • Improved balance. Independent movement following a stroke can sometimes prove to be a challenge, but by pursuing exercises that help you feel more in control, we can work towards better balance.

  • Regaining overall coordination. Our experienced therapists know the right exercises to help patients feel more in control of their movements.

  • Redeveloping strength. Both the stroke itself and the inactivity that follows can rob your muscles of their prior strength. We use exercises designed to help aid muscles in their recovery.


About Enable Exercise  


Founded in 2017, Enable Exercise seeks to address what we perceived as a gap in service availability for individuals with neurological conditions. As a team, we seek to engage personally with every patient, developing a rapport that allows us to better encourage and inspire progress in an individual's rehab. We are patient, kind, and accommodating — our goal is not to deliver treatments according to our own schedule, but to always stay in tune with your body and its needs. To find out how to book our services, please call us today.


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