Private Exercise


Explore One-on-One Rehabilitation with a Private Exercise Physiologist


Whether you have experienced a spinal cord injury or are living with a condition such as multiple sclerosis or cerebral palsy, you can work towards improving your functional capacity in affected areas with the guidance of a private exercise physiologist in Sydney. The experienced professionals at Enable Exercise will design an exercise-based rehabilitation programme that fits your needs to help improve your health and quality of life.

Problems Our Private Exercise Physiologist Programs Address

Our private exercise physiologist programmes guide individuals towards regaining independence and improving their daily health while they live with or recover from a neurological condition. A few benefits:

  • Improve the body-mind connection to try to regain more functional capacity in the affected areas. Our private Exercise physiologist programmes will use task-focused exercises to address obstacles that you are facing during day-to-day living due to a neurological condition. From holding a pen to balancing while sitting to walking up and down steps, we can help you work through challenging physical tasks.

  • Increase your strength, flexibility, and overall health with exercise-based interventions. We use exercise equipment and techniques that will not only help you to learn to perform the necessary daily tasks that you are working to accomplish but also provide pathways to improving your overall wellness. 

  • Get the professional support and motivation that you need during a challenging period in your life with a private Exercise physiologist in Sydney. Adjusting to a significant change in your physiological abilities is challenging both physically and emotionally. Our team of professionals understands the effects that this type of change can have, and we provide a supportive and uplifting environment in which to focus on recovery and adjust.

Related Programs We Provide to Private Neuro exercise physiologist?


In addition to private neuro physical therapy, we offer these services:

  • Group Exercise Physiotherapy – We offer group exercise physiotherapy, in which we work with clients in small groups. While private physical therapy is often helpful for recovery, we’ve found that many of our clients also appreciate exercising with others who are working through rehabilitation.

  • Social Community – We foster an uplifting social community with the understanding that half the battle of physiological rehabilitation is staying motivated to continue the hard work required to encourage improvement or recovery. Our clients find that being part of a community of therapists and other clients helps them to feel inspired and supported throughout their journey.

  • After-Hours Service – We are open evenings and Saturdays. We understand that our clients have busy lives but still need the help of a private physio in Sydney outside their working hours. Many people will give up on physical therapy if it is too hard to find time to go. We want to remove that hurdle by providing a service that is convenient and compatible with the lives of those we serve.



About Enable Exercise 


Enable Exercise has spent years building a rehabilitation community for the support and management of various neurological and neuromuscular conditions to help individuals overcome the barriers that may be introduced by their disabilities. Our staff is comprised of professional physiotherapists who genuinely care about improving the health and quality of life of the individuals they work with in private neuro physiotherapy sessions and group exercise.

We are a registered NDIS provider, and we strive to collaborate with funding organisations to help registered individuals benefit from their disability scheme as they work with a private physio in Sydney.

We believe that exercise-based interventions can improve the body-mind connection to help increase mobility and functional capacity, allowing you to regain greater independence and enjoy a more comfortable lifestyle. If you have questions about working with a private exercise physiologist in Sydney, enquire here