Enable Exercise is here to help you achieve your personal goals and overcome physical and rehabilitation challenges after a neurological deficit. By understanding how the neurological condition has impacted your life, we work with you to construct your exercise regime.

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Our Clinic

Not your average gym. Our clinic is equipped with specialised equipment that are specifically designed to assist people who suffer from a physical disability. Call us to find out more

Phone assessments

Want more value out of your session? Our experienced therapists can conduct a phone assessment before you attend the initial session, helping us to prepare as well as saving you time. 

Home Visits

Can't travel to us? We provide home visits so you can exercise in the comfort of your own home. We cater for most Sydney regions. Call us to find out if we can travel to you.

Phased based recovery

Sick of working hard and not seeing progress? Our therapists can help you break your goal down into phases that are determined by your recovery. 

After Hours

We understand how difficult it can be to find time to exercise between school and work hours. That's why are are open after hours and on Saturdays. Call us to find out when we operate.


Live remotely or want to incorporate your supporters into your workout? Our telehealth service can help you design a home program without leaving your home. Call us to find out if you can benefit from Telehealth



Community of Growth

Our community at Enable Exercise is nurtured to celebrate the diverse journeys. We believe that by nurturing this culture, we can all grow together.

Empathy Drives Passion

Our passion is driven by the connections we build with our clients and community. It is in the heart of everything we do. 

Start Small, Finish Big

Our system at Enable Exercise is all about breaking larger goals into individual steps. Each step is planned and taken towards our desired goal.

Deliver the Tools of Success

We are determined to provide the best service for our client and community. We constantly evaulate our service and adjust it towards our client's needs. 


"Friendly, enthusiastic and professional staff. More than impressed by the facility and services provided. Enable exercise is a great example of the right combination of personalised care and using the latest research".

- Luke 

"Kwan and his team are amazing professionals using their knowledge and experience to improve life for those with SCI injuries. Kind, understanding using evolving skills to tailor your sessions, to get the best results to keep things moving, growing and improving how I live. Get on the wagon, they can & will improve your life".


"I highly recommend Enable Exercise for anyone seeking physio, exercise, rehabilitation. I have found every physio who has looked after me warm, professional and genuinely interested in improving my condition".

- Himanshu