Kwan Leung

Founder, CEO & Exercise Physiologist

Bachelor of Exercise Physiology, University of New South Wales 2013

Kwan established Enable Exercise in 2017 after recognising a need for a neurological rehabilitation service which provides an intensive exercise based rehabilitation for people with neurological disabilities.
Before developing Enable Exercise’s program in 2017, Kwan worked at a neurological rehabilitation program, working with a range of neurological conditions such as spinal cord injury, brain injury, multiple sclerosis, stroke and others. Using this experience, Kwan has developed a program that focuses on the client’s needs, building independence and improving quality of life.
Kwan’s strong desire to serve others has pushed him to build a team that is dedicated to improving the lives of others and support clients through their recovery. Kwan believes that only as a team can we achieve Enable Exercise’s mission

Amy Duursma

Exercise Physiologist

Bachelor of Exercise Physiology, University of Sydney 2016

Amy completed her studies at the University of Sydney in 2016. She has experience in all things exercise and sport, coaching and working in a range of sports including surf lifesaving, swim coaching, soccer, hockey and touch football. 
Amy has been at the Enable Exercise team since September of 2017 and has passion for working with kids. Her goal is to use her fun and energetic personality to specialise in paediatrics. Her previous volunteering experience in the neuro-rehabilitation field has allowed her to develop the knowledge and understanding on when and what client's need to achieve their goals. 
She is interested in the continued research and developments in the management and care of neurological conditions and constantly striving to apply this to her client’s treatments. Amy believes that rehabilitation is a holistic measure and is passionate that each client receives the support they need to be able to reach their goals.

Rhianne Kerr

Exercise Physiologist

Masters in Clinical Exercise Physiology, Australian Catholic University 2014

Rhianne has completed a degree in Applied Science (Exercise and Sport Science) from the University of Sydney (2012), and has completed a Masters in Clinical Exercise Physiology from the Australian Catholic University (2014). Her interest in Neurological Rehabilitation has led to her to continue her studies in this area through tertiary study.

She has several years of experience working as an EP in private practice, but has also got years of experience in working with non-for profit organisations. This includes working with a Health Promotion Organisation that works with disadvantaged children in remote areas, as well as working with a sports program for people with Intellectual Disability. Rhianne is also qualified to teach yoga and pilates, and has also got experience in playing and coaching a number of sports.

Rhianne believes strongly that exercise can benefit everyone, and that the human mind and body has incredible potential for change and improvement. She loves working with disability, and proving that you can overcome barriers to achieve goals that may seem unattainable.

Matthew Lukash

Exercise Physiologist

Bachelor of Exercise Physiology, University of Sydney 2020

Matthew is one of the newest members of the Enable Exercise team, graduating as a bachelor of Exercise Physiology in 2020. During his undergraduate degree, Matt undertook work experience with Enable Exercise where he developed a keen interest in all things neurological.

Currently, Matt has over 6 years experience in the sport of Boxing, but is also heavily invested in powerlifting and all things strength related. His other hobbies include; surfing, NRL, football and playing musical instruments in his spare time (acoustic guitar and piano). Using his previous sporting experience, Matt enjoys creating fun and skill-based activities to challenge the functional abilities of all individuals, believing that “If exercise doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you”. His passion is to enrich and empower clients to overcome their physical and social barriers through the world of physical activity.

Luke Hale

Exercise Physiologist

Bachelor of Exercise Physiology, University of Sydney 2020

Luke completed his degree in Exercise Physiology from Sydney University in 2020, during which he developed in interest in neurological rehabilitation after completing a professional placement at our very own Enable Exercise.

The motivation behind Luke’s work and volunteering has simply been to help people, regardless of their circumstances, be the best versions of themselves that they can. He believes that exercise is a critical part of that and if there’s a fun way to reach that point, all the better.

Luke started at Enable Exercise November 2020 and is dedicated to giving the best service to each client, all the while keeping them in the driver’s seat.

When he’s not at the clinic Luke likes good movies, good music, and good hiking trails. His goal is aligned with that of Enable's, and is to help see as many people to their goals as possible.

Anthony Antoniou

Exercise Physiologist

Masters of Clinical Exercise Physiology, Australia Catholic University 2019

Anthony has completed a Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science from the Australian Catholic University (2017), as well as a Masters of Clinical Exercise Physiology from the Australian Catholic University (2019). Anthony's interest in neurological conditions and rehabilitation has developed during his studies and placements which has lead to ongoing research in this area.

Anthony has over 7 years experience in the health industry, across commercial gyms, private practice, elite sport and specialised Exercise Physiology clinic's. This includes time spent working with Diabetes NSW as a guest speaker to help educate individuals in the community from Non-English speaking backgrounds about the benefits of exercise to help manage their condition. Anthony is also a qualified Strength and Conditioning coach and has extensive experience coaching powerlifting and swimming.

Anthony started at Enable Exercise in June 2021 and is of the belief that everyone can improve their quality of life with the integration of exercise into daily life. He goes by the motto "Move it Or Lose It" which he embodies through supporting his client's to achieve their goals via movement and exercise therapy. When Anthony isn't at work he enjoys powerlifting, working on cars and fishing trips.

Sean Koizumi

Exercise Physiologist

Bachelor of Exercise Physiology, University of New South Wales, 2021

Sean completed his Bacheolor of Exercise Physiology at the University of New South Wales in 2021. Sean developed a passion and keen interest towards neurological rehabilitation after completing his university placements at our very own Enable Exercise. 

Sean's passion in clinical research within the field of exercise physiology has led him to furthering his education by undertaking research honours at the University of New South Wales.

During his spare time you can catch Sean watching the NRL (up the Roosters!) at the gym, or playing Oztag

Alexandra Watt


Masters of Physiotherapy, University of Technology Sydney 2018

Alex has completed a degree in Exercise Science from the University of Wollongong (2015), and was part of the inaugural cohort to complete a Masters of Physiotherapy at the University of Technology Sydney (2018). She has 3 years prior experience working in a non-for-profit neurological rehabilitation program, with a vast array of neurological conditions including Spinal Cord Injury, Multiple Sclerosis, Stroke and Brain Injury. She is an accredited Pilates Matwork Instructor through APPI, and MS Get a Head Start Instructor.

Alex spent many of her younger years as a competitive artistic gymnast, track and field athlete, and has dabbled in some Olympic Weightlifting more recently. She loves to move, and is passionate about assisting all of her clients to move better!

Alex believes in a holistic approach to rehab, integrating mind and body into all modalities of treatment to obtain best optimal outcomes. "Energy flows where attention goes".